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Show me your House!

The project has started – hooray.

Earlier this week my students (6graders) made in group of 2-4 a mini-video of their house. They used their smart phones and the bambuser-app, a live broadcast service and they had already received in class a handout with useful phrases (e.g. That’s my bedroom…, let me quickly get to the next room)

Kamille’s students in Denmark did the same thing. The had received the same handout, and had the same task: film your home. Yesterday my students went into the computer lab and watched the Danish house tour, and vice versa. My kids loved it, and they immediately asked me to set up a Facebook group so that they could actually chat with the kids in Denmark. And this is great – it’s the kids who want to be in touch and want to find out more about them, and not me pushing them. I love it. That’s how successful internationalization works.

The project was hardly any preparation, a little bit of coordination, but that’s it. It is a true KISS project and I’m really looking forward to have an online game with the kids in Denmark ne

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It’s been a little bit over a month since the kids in Baden-Württemberg have written their Abitur (a-Levels). Marking the exams of my course went surprisingly easy, and was alright. Nothing to complain, it’s part of the job.  Last Wednesday I got a different set of exams to mark – same exam, different students – and it’s taking me age.  How come?

It’s so boring! I’m bored and booooooo… Any ideas for how to motivate myself? <irony> Only 20 to go… </irony>

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We live in a wonderful century for women.

„We live in a wonderful century for women“ – student’s answer on the question if there’s a gender gap in modern society.

Aha, so it’s a nightmare for all the blokes out there, or what?

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How to write 450 words in an exam (NOT)

Student in an exam in Year 12: „I cant’t imagine of mor points than this one. in this reason I do a mixture of the topics B and C, because I liked the trailer and want to write something about it but on each of the two topics I can’t write the 450 words that i have to write.

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27th ESP conference in Gouda

I just talked to my headmaster about the conference, and I got the okay to go! So cool. Yay. So now I only need to keep my fingers crossed, and hope for funding from COMENIUS.

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The 27th ESP conference has been announced

The 27th ESP conference will be held form March 6th to 14th, 2013 in Gouda, The Netherlands.
Let’s hope my boss allows me to go there… If not, I might need to end up as one of the speakers, so I better start with some awesome ICT project, maybe linked with Outdoor Learning. That sounds like fun. 😀

For more information, click here

Soeben wurde die 27. ESP Konferenz angekündigt, sie soll vom 6. – 14 März in Gouda, Holland stattfinden. Ich will da hin. Und falls mein Chef mich da nicht hinlässt – jaja, ich weiß, viel fort und ein bisschen Bildung…- dann muss ich mir was einfallen lassen, und vielleicht doch selber einen Workshop anbieten? Das wäre ja eigentlich über-nasty 🙂 

Weitere Information gibt es hier (auf Englisch)

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Customs Officer at the UK border in Calais: „Where are you from?“ Student: “ I’m from the other side.“

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The market square was littered by corpse.

Das markierte Quadrat war mit Kürbissen übersäat.

Best of Translation: KS 1

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iPad English

iPad English

Jeffrey Hill, von dem auch das herausragende English blog stammt, hat einen neune Blog gestartet, der sich ausschließlich mit ipad Apps beschäftigt, die für den Unterricht geeignet sind. Das finde ich ziemlich cool, und definitiv „sharenswert“.

i like.

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Ich habe soeben mein Sabbatical geplant! Nur blöd, dass ich das 4 Jahre ansparen muss, und das wiederum erst nächstes Jahr anfangen kann. egal, geplant ist geplant und August 2017 geht’s in mein 1st Sabbatical egal,dann habe ich etwas auf das ich mich ganz lange freuen kann 😉
Sind ja nur noch 64 Monate….

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