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Ich hab gerade „Massaschusettes“ in google translator eingegeben, da kommt aber nix.

Schülerin, KS 1

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Name the Five Borughs of New York City

According to a student in year 8:

the five boroughs of New York City are Manhattan, Queens, Alabama, Seattle and Baltimore.

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Water chicken

What the hell is a water chicken? It’s a Wasserhahn. 😉

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„the club’s annual trip has been postponed due to bad weather“

Wenn Einbezug hohe Erhitzung vorliegt, muss man die Kohle auf der Shisha verschieben

WTF??? Sometimes I wonder what my students do in their free time, and than again I don’t

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Was ist ein stereotyp?

Und endlich gibt es ein Beitrag aus dem Deutschunterricht:

L: „was bedeutet stereotyp?“
S: „das ist ein Typ der eine Stereoanlage hat.“

Genau, macht Sinn.

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We live in a wonderful century for women.

„We live in a wonderful century for women“ – student’s answer on the question if there’s a gender gap in modern society.

Aha, so it’s a nightmare for all the blokes out there, or what?

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How to write 450 words in an exam (NOT)

Student in an exam in Year 12: „I cant’t imagine of mor points than this one. in this reason I do a mixture of the topics B and C, because I liked the trailer and want to write something about it but on each of the two topics I can’t write the 450 words that i have to write.

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Customs Officer at the UK border in Calais: „Where are you from?“ Student: “ I’m from the other side.“

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The market square was littered by corpse.

Das markierte Quadrat war mit Kürbissen übersäat.

Best of Translation: KS 1

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