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Gouda – Day 1

Last night I have arrived in Gouda, NL for the 27th ESP conference and I’m right in the middle of our first day, the so called contact seminar. In small groups we make first contact with educators from other schools (mainly Denmark…. ) and develop ideas for new international projects, e.g. „Fred Fridge Travelling“. Oh, and stupid me suggested to do a talk on innovative ICT and the ESL classroom on Saturday. Fair enough, it’s a working conference and I love any minute of it.

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27th ESP conference in Gouda

I just talked to my headmaster about the conference, and I got the okay to go! So cool. Yay. So now I only need to keep my fingers crossed, and hope for funding from COMENIUS.

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The 27th ESP conference has been announced

The 27th ESP conference will be held form March 6th to 14th, 2013 in Gouda, The Netherlands.
Let’s hope my boss allows me to go there… If not, I might need to end up as one of the speakers, so I better start with some awesome ICT project, maybe linked with Outdoor Learning. That sounds like fun. 😀

For more information, click here

Soeben wurde die 27. ESP Konferenz angekündigt, sie soll vom 6. – 14 März in Gouda, Holland stattfinden. Ich will da hin. Und falls mein Chef mich da nicht hinlässt – jaja, ich weiß, viel fort und ein bisschen Bildung…- dann muss ich mir was einfallen lassen, und vielleicht doch selber einen Workshop anbieten? Das wäre ja eigentlich über-nasty 🙂 

Weitere Information gibt es hier (auf Englisch)

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