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The flipping has begun

A couple of months ago, I already mentioned the concept of the flipped classroom. Here’s a great map . And i’m really giving it a go now. Hooray. Together with Konni, a very cool trainee at my school, I went trough all the course material of the unit we’re going to flip. (English G 21, A4  -Unit 2) At first it seemed like we’re only adding things to the curriculum but all of a sudden everything worked out just fine.

We’ve decided to put a clear focus on oral communication, which means the students will talk a lot. The will talk a lot in English. Most of the tasks involve watching videos on Thanksgiving and the first settlers, but there are also some fun videos, e.g. Sesame Street. We’ve also manage to flip the grammar bits of the unit, eg. we’re using songs to repeat the grammar. So at the moment, it seems like we’ll have a hell of a great lesson plan and Konni and I don’t have to make fools of ourselves, because before the started actually working on the unit, I’d feared that we have to make many movies ourselves. That’s just not true. There’s a lot of great material out there, we simply compile it and, okay, there will be the odd video staring us…

I hope that the flipped classroom doesn’t put a burden on the kids, but that they benefit from the time they work together with their peer. I expect their fluency and accuracy to improve over the course, they should gain confidence talking English. They should also learn to respect the feedback of their learning buddies and not rely solely on the feedback of their teachers. *mental note to myself… maybe i should add a self-evaluation at the beginning and the end of the unit*

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I ♥ my job.

Yes, I love my job. And i love my long summer break. And do you know what I enjoy most about them? That I’ve got finally time to explore new teaching ideas, to come up with new projects and come up with crazy ideas. i’m lovin it.

It’s close to 11pm, and I’m still working and best of all, I’m really enjoying myself. Can’t remember the last time, I was happy to sit at my desk and preparing lessons. I already did the planning for my Year 6 and Year 8, and currently thinking about new media projects. Twitter, Pinterest, GoogleDocs, Skype, Tumblr, Quora will be part of my everyday lessons, e.g. students have to twitter summaries, create monthly summaries and convey a message on tumblr, have video conferences with students from abroad… and this is just the beginning. I’ve got 1 month and 11 days left before the new term starts, 42 days left to be creative and play around with new ideas.

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